Guided Tours and Guided, Virtual Tours in Munich

What is a Guided, Virtual Tour?

A Guided, Virtual Tour combines the following parts:


  • An interactive, virtual world which consists of more than a 250 360 degree Panorama photos done in the old town of Munich. The interactive world also covers parts behind the scenes which you cannot discover while you are on-site.​

  • A live tour guide who walks the guests through this interactive world.

  • An online conferencing system (like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Got2Meeting, Google Meet) which brings everything together, so that guests feel like they are actually doing a walking tour on the spot. Guests can ask questions so that it feels as close as a real live tour on the spot and enjoy the tour on a PC/Mac or iPad.

Explanation video

- please use English subtitles

Guided, Virtual Tour Explanation Video

Virtual world with background information

Example virtual tour in Munich

Available tours:


Hightlights of Munich's Old Town:

Typical, virtual stops are (examples):

  • Marienplatz

  • Founding of the city

  • New town hall

  • Glockenspiel with a look behind the scenes

  • Sankt Peter (oldest church in Munich)

  • Viktualienmarkt (daily food market)

  • Old town hall (Kristallnacht / Night of Broken Glass in 1938)

  • Alter Hof (the first castle in Munich)

  • Maximilianstraße (most expensive shopping street)

  • Residenz and Nationaltheater

  • Max-Joseph-Platz (Bavaria became a kingdom in 1806)

  • Feldherrnhalle

Optional stops are:

  • Octoberfest

    • ​Odeonsplatz with king Ludwig I. (got married in 1810 -> beginning of the Octoberfest)

    • Oktoberfest tapping

    • Typical Octoberfest tent

    • Attractions at the Octoberfest

Tour video

- please use English subtitles

Guided Virtual Tour Die Muenchner Altstadt

Third Reich tour in Munich:

Explore the most important places created by the Nazis in Munich. Learn about the origins of National Socialism in Munich. Join this exclusive tour and take a virtual walk through the dark side of Munich's past.

Typical, virtual stops are (examples):

  • All three private places where Adolf Hitler lived in Munich (Schleißheimerstraße 34, Thierschstraße 41 and Prinzregentenplatz 16)

  • Eher Verlag (publishing company) at Thierschstraße 11-13 where Mein Kampf was pricted

  • Bürgerbräu where the Hitler putsch took place

  • Feldherrnhalle where the Hitler putsch ended

  • Luftgaukommando VII

  • Haus der Deutschen Kunst - House of German Art

  • Exhibition "Degenerate Art"

  • Braunes Haus - Brown House which was the NSDAP headquarters

  • Königsplatz with Führerbau, Ehrentempel and NSDAP Administration

During this virtual tour, I use many original photographic pictures done during the Nazi time so that you get a good idea how the building looked like during that time.

Please note that this tour is not for right-wing radicals or Nazi fans.

Myth & Legends in Munich:

Typical, virtual stops are (examples):

  • Stachus

  • Schöner Turm

  • Founding of the city

  • Teufelstritt

  • Palais Holnstein

  • Feldherrnhalle

  • Alter Hof

  • Brezenreiter

  • ....

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Type of tour and requirements:

  • Online tour with live tour guide

  • You need a PC, Mac or iPad with speaker and microphone and an internet connection

  • A conferencing system (see details below) 


Dates: On request


Length of tour: ca. 1 - 1,5  hours


Meeting point:

Online via conferencing system (Default is Microsoft Teams, but I can also use your conferencing system, you just need to invite me)


Price and payment:

  • Groups up to 25 guests: € 180 incl. tax (outside the EU: € 180)

  • Larger groups are possible: Price on request

  • I accept payments via PayPal or Credit Card.

  • Receipt/Invoice will be generated if you provide your address.


In addition to the guided, virtual city tours, I also offer city tours on site. These tours are by foot, by bus or by Segway.

  • Munich’s Old Town

The classic if you want to get to know Munich or if you have lived in Munich for a long time.

  • The Munich Bus Tour

All the highlights in Munich by bus.

  • In the footsteps of the Third Reich

Experience the most important traces left by the Nazis in Munich.

  • Myth & Legends in Munich

Experience myths and legends in Munich’s Old Town.

  • VIP Tour
    Completely individually designed tour according to customer requirements.

  • Segway Tour

Explore Munich on a Segway with me!

Background information: is offering city tours in Munich since 2006. We offer tours by foot, bus and Segway in German and English language. Since 2020 we are a pioneer in virtual tours leveraging a virtual world with 360 degree panoramas, a live tour guide and a conferencing system, which allows people to enjoy a virtual tour very much like they are on-site on a PC/Mac or iPad.

Munich and its history are my vocationThat is why yocan expect well-founded knowledge and an eventful tour.